The company has gradually and continuously strived to implement Good Corporate Governance practices or GCG.

GCG implementation is based on Government Regulation Number 54 of 2017 concerning BUMD especially Article 92, by adhering to the principles of GCG, namely Transparency, Accountability, Accountability, Independence and Fairness.

The aim of implementing good corporate governance is that management of BUMD can be carried out professionally, efficiently and effectively by empowering functions and increasing the independence of the BUMD organs to maximize the value of BUMD so that it has strong competitiveness so that the company’s goals can be achieved optimally.

The Company has compiled and determined the Guidelines for Good Corporate Governance (GCG) of PT. Petrogas Jatim Utama (Perseroda) through the Director’s Decree PT. PJU No 036 / SK-DIR / XII / 2018 dated December 31, 2018 as a guide for each of the Company’s organs and supporting organs in implement a good corporate governance system.

With these guidelines, each of the company’s main organs and supporting organs will know and understand in detail what is their responsibility in the context of GCG implementation, so that GCG implementation can be more directed and well-controlled.

In the framework of implementing Good Corporate Governance (GCG) and for strengthening management systems, the Board of Directors has carried out various strategic steps and innovations to create a Good Governance System in accordance with the principles of GCG. As well as developing a Management System based on the values ​​of professionalism, dedication and integrity.

Goals of GCG implementation are:

  • Maximizing the value of the company by improving the  principles of Transparancy, Accountability, Responsibility, independency and fairness (transparency, independence, accountability, responsibility, and fairness) in the implementation of the company’s activities.
  • Professionally and independently management company.
  • The decision-making of the company based on high moral values and compliance with the legislation in force.
  • Implementation of corporate social responsibility towards stakeholders.