New and renewable energy (EBT) has a variety of energy sources that are cleaner and cheaper and environmentally friendly than conventional energy sources, especially fossil energy.

The use of EBT supports the diversification of energy in Indonesia. The many types of energy sources also provide various potentials to be maximized.

EBT is very important to realize energy independence and security in the future. To support Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Regulation (Permen ESDM) Number 50 Year 2017 concerning Utilization of Renewable Energy Sources for Electric Power Supply.

PT. PJU has several innovative plans, strategies and partnerships to actively participate in energy management & EBT such as:

Wind Energy
Wind Energy is one of the energy that can be found easily in Indonesia. Wind / Bayu Energy can produce electrical energy with Bayu Power Plant (PLTB), with Windmill technology.

Solar Energy
Potential use of solar energy in East Java in areas that have not yet been electrified by PT. PLN are villages whose population is spread and far from the PLN electricity grid.

Water Energy
The amount of water energy potential that Indonesia has is 75 thousand Megawatts (MW), but the percentage of utilization has only reached 10% of its potential.

In East Java Province for hydropower potential is generally found in all regencies, but the most potential hydropower potential along the Brantas River produces 12 (twelve) points that can be developed into power plants ranging from 0.3 MW to 80 MW.

Geothermal Energy
Indonesia is the third largest country in the world that utilizes geothermal energy. Geothermal potential in Indonesia reaches 28,617 megawatts (MW) or around 40% of the total world potential. Geographically the most geothermal resources are in Sumatra (12,760 MW), Java (9,717 MW), Sulawesi (3,044 MW), Nusa Tenggara (1,451 MW) MW), Maluku (1,071 MW), Bali (354 MW) as well as in other regions (220 MW). Specifically in East Java, there are 11 points with a potential of 1,069.5 MW. (*)