East Java Province has mining potential and prospective new & renewable energy, which has 29 types of mining materials, of which 22 types have business licenses and have been mined consisting of metal minerals, non-metal minerals and rocks.

1. Metal Minerals, namely lead, manganese, zinc and gold minerals, iron sand, iron, tin and nickel.
2. Non-Metallic Minerals, namely quartz, iodine, sulfur, phosphate, zeolite, kaolin, feldspar, bentonite.
3. Mineral Rock which is trass, marble, andesite, clay, clay, opal and chalcedony, diorite, sand, sirtu, limestone, onyx, toseki, breccia, jasper, tuff and pumice.

PT. PJU has several innovative plans, strategies and partnerships to actively participate in managing the market potential for mining excavation materials. This is the main reason for PT Petrogas Jatim Utama to enter into a business development strategy for the management of mineral resources and its supporting services.

This potential natural resource can meet the needs of the gold jewelry industry, fertilizer, paper, glass, glass, chemical industry, cosmetic refractors. The same thing is also very much needed as a raw material for the building materials industry such as the iron, cement, ceramics, paint, adhesive and so on industries.

In the era of accelerating infrastructure development. Rock material is also needed as raw material to meet the needs of building construction, road infrastructure, housing, malls and other infrastructure buildings. (*)