PT. Petrogas Jatim Utama (Perseroda) has two port assets located in strategic areas to support industrial supply chains in Gresik and Probolinggo areas which include:

– Management of 10 Storage Tanks and TUKS Ports in Gresik.
– Management of Utilization Collaboration (Kerjasama Pemanfaatan = KSP) Dock as well as facilities and infrastructure built with APBN funds at Probolinggo Port.
– Management of Concession (Konsesi) facilities and infrastructure as well as Land and Reclamation Results Yards built by the East Java Province APBD fund.
– Carrying out business activities of loading and unloading goods and warehousing, both open and closed at the Port of Probolinggo.

Satellite port owned by PT. PJU through its subsidiary PT Delta Artha Bahari Nusantara in Gresik and Probolinggo will provide efficiency in speed of time and transportation costs, which will become the most strategic integrated industrial HUB in eastern Indonesia on a regional and international scale.

PT Delta Artha Bahari Nusantara will play a strategic role in increasing the import and export trade in East Indonesia and East Java in particular by providing international standard main ports.

Therefore, PT. PJU has conducted a strategic study for the development and optimization of the port assets within the next 5 years that are integrated such as ship services, goods services, passenger services, container services, loading and unloading services and integration of energy transportation services with plant regasification. (*)