Indonesia ranked 25th with the potential for crude oil in the world. Reserves owned by Indonesia at 4.4 billion barrels. Crude oil reserves were abundant puts Indonesia as the country to 21 as crude oil producer with a total production of 1 million Barrel Oil Per Day (BOPD).

East Java one of them, the province with oil and gas fields (oil and gas), the largest in Indonesia.
Total oil production in East Java reached 465 540 Oil Barrels Per Day (BOPD) and total natural gas production reached 636.84 Million Metric Standard Cubic Feet per Day (MMSCFD) in 2014, of the amount put Java under Kalimantan and Riau the largest oil and gas producing regions.

Block oil and gas in East Java two namely becoming divided in the Northern region (off shore) or in the sea off the coast of Java, such as in the sea around the island of Bawean, Gresik and small islands in the region of Madura. While on the ground (on shore) are located in the western region of East Java, as in Tuban, Lamongan, Gresik and Bojonegoro.

Discoveries of oil and gas fields continue to grow in East Java, one of the biggest findings, namely the Cepu Block covers an area of ​​Bojonegoro (East Java), Blora (Central Java) and the largest oil and gas reserves are in Bojonegoro.

East Java Province has 42 potential oil and gas basin, the basin has been known since the 18th century but only managed sepuuluh the last year. One that has a large basin, namely Cepu and Surabaya. However, only the newly optimized Cepu block with abundant oil and gas reserves, while Surabaya because of high population, so that investors think again for exploitation in Surabaya.

Since 1970 oil production in the slab just off the coast. Reef carbonate-containing gas in Madura same spread in the region of Cepu. At least 47 villages in Sumenep that were predicted oil and gas (oil) earth.

By looking at the content of the large oil and gas, the Provincial Government (Provincial) of East Java took the initiative to establish the Regional Owned Enterprises (enterprises) in the field of Oil and Gas and Energy.

For a company the status of enterprises, takes Regional Regulation (Perda) as the basis for its establishment, and the results of the formulation of East Java DPRD together with the Governor of East Java, then in 2006 was born Regional Regulation (Perda) No. 1 of 2006 concerning the establishment of enterprises under the name PT. Petrogas Jatim Utama (PJU), and thereafter acquired PT Panca Wira Jatim.

PT Petrogas  Jatim Utama (Perseroda) runs business units managing Natural Oil & Gas Resources, Energy & Renewable Energy Resources, Mineral Resources, & Public Port Business Management and other Supporting Service Activities.

Over time, PT. PJU has been able to develop its business well. At present PT. PJU has 9 Subsidiaries and several Joint Operations (KSO), with several business fields already underway, including:

  • PI 10% for the region Cepu, Off Shore Madura Sumenep (Santos) and the West Madura Offshore, where PT. PJU shared with district-owned enterprises concerned.
  • Build and operate SPPBE with bulk capacity in Jombang.
  • Logistics Consultant and Shorebase for the Santos Madura region.
  • LPG Plant and Gas Trading in Gresik.
  • Operation of ports in Gresik and Probolinggo.
  • Tank leasing has accumulated fuel and palm oil in Gresik.