The Company realizes that the implementation of social responsibility is a way to sustain growth. Because it is the responsibility of the Company are always manifested in a form consistent with the needs of society, particularly in the areas of operations of the Company.

Company social responsibility program throughout 2015 covering the areas of:

  • Religious
  • Health
  • Education
  • Social
  • Living Environment


Not all activities related to social responsibility requires substantial funds. Some of them can even be done as part of the operational activities, so it does not require a specific budget.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Religious Affairs
The company is a form of social care to improve the quality of faith and inter-religious relations in informal discussion forum because it is based on the culture of Indonesian society and active religious worship.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy for Health
In order to fulfill the responsibility of the Company in the field of disabled veterans of participating health and welfare of the deaf Indonesia.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Education
The education sector is a strategic social investments and crucial for the future of a bangs, especially in the delivery of the next generation. To smooth the learning process, the company will also provide all assistance for school construction and purchase of computers and printers.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy of Public Social Sector
Company policy in the field of civil society is to provide assistance according to the needs masyaraka and in accordance with the company’s capabilities. One of the social activity is the provision of assistance kemasyarakan drinking water treatment equipment reverse osmosis method which is managed by the Village LKMK New Sukolilo and CSR Heroes Day and Charity.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Environmental Sector
As a form of corporate social responsibility to the environment, the Company provided assistance to the world environment day.

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